About Me

Shawanna A. Brown

I don’t like the term “plus sized.”

I believe it separates the women who fit into that category away from fashion and my mission is to bridge that gap and bring us back with Vaughn Shay.

I always liked name brand clothes and wanted to be the first to be seen wearing them. At some point, my mother said to me, “Instead of wearing other people’s brands, why don’t you wear your own?” And while I didn’t necessarily like the idea of having my own name emblazoned on the back of my shirts and jackets back then, how could I have known where that planted seed would take me?

What I discovered was that the things I liked simply did not exist in my size, because I was a heavier young woman. So, from there I would have to piece things together, pick something to create the silhouette I wanted and make sure I still got to the look I was trying to achieve. I had three principles:

Being first was important.
Trendy and stylish was important.
Being presentable was paramount.

When I realized the designers in the stores were not going to properly size up their fashions, I decided to do it myself. When I go to festivals or weddings, I see the desire in fabulous-sized women for wanting to look good, but I see them in clothes that are not their size. Clothes that are not properly designed for their bodies, and clothes that were not made in quality and care. I’ve made a point of learning what materials look best on us, how to piece together a sleeve from one design with the neckline of another to make a shirt or dress that is complementary to our bodies, so we wear the clothes and the clothes do not wear us.

Vaughn Shay clothes are not only made with the fabulous- sized woman in mind, they are made with her in heart. I know who she is, the sensitivities she may have, what she likes and I cater directly to that. Fast fashion does not work in this arena, so each item is made to last and be timeless.

I am very passionate about helping people, connecting them to one another and making them comfortable. It is my wish to build the Vaughn Shay tribe by making women feel more comfortable in their skin – one outfit at a time.

I recently found a term I liked in French: “Chic Formoso Mulier.”

It means “Classy Beautiful Woman.”

That is the Vaughn Shay woman.

I’ve created these clothes for me, and I know there are other women who will embody the vision.

Formei’ – I am exclusive. I am preferred. I am “Formei” (for me).

“Love Who You Are, and What You Wear.”